Dec 11, 2015

All about index cards

These days there is a trend that more people going analogue and more articles appearing on web about index cards. But, also a lot more concerns and doubts regarding the size and availability on index cards.
So I thought it's a time to write an article on it.

What is index card?
It's a simple piece of paper sized 3X5 inches or 4X6 inches.

What is index card system?
Index card is a system that taking notes in a small 3X5inches/4X6inches paper.

What are the use of index cards?
You can draw, take notes, scribble, research, create a todo list and even manage your projects. You can find out/explore more ideas.

What is the size of the card?
Most common size is 3X5 inches. But the writer Nabokov wrote on a 4X6 inch ruled paper with 14 blue lines+ one red top margin on it.

What kind of paper is good for index card?
There are several type of paper. If you are a designer, use Quadrille(Grid) paper. If you are a writer, you can use ruled paper. If you are an artist, you can use plain paper. 80 GSM is more than enough.

Where can I buy it?
You can buy Index Cards from popular online stores including amazon. But you can save money by using my methods. Read below.

It's too expensive. Any cheap cards available, or any other solution?
Buying through internet is a bit expensive. Especially in India or similar countries. I found some alternative solution for it.
    1. 2500 plain cards for 5$. Yes, you're right!  Buy good quality A4 sheet. It'll cost around 4$. Go to the nearest printing press. Ask them to cut according to your size. They charge me only 2$ for 1000 sheets. So for 500, it's only 1$. You'll get 5 cards from a single sheet. You'll get 2500 cards for 5$. No seller can beat it, right?
    2. Buy good quality A4 bundle. Ask any local printer, to print the desired ruler lines in it. It'll cost me 8$ to print. Paper cost is 4$. Total is 12$.
    3. Bought grid notebooks/ ruled paper and cut it from local printing press.
    4. Buy different kind of paper. Colored, textured etc. Cut it from the nearest printing press.
(I got so many cards with these experiments. I gave it away for free to my friends.)

Where can I get index card box?
You can buy it from online store Here , Here and Here . I used to buy it from a local store in my town. Plastic boxes are cheap. Buy appropriate size. I also made a custom box from a carpenter in my town. Or you can buy some cool designed wooden box from any handicrafts shop in your town.

Tagging/ Labeling
Use tag words in right upper corner. I put the dates on backside of the cards with a date seal.

Bundle it with rubber band, binder clips (Buy it from here , here , or here ) or my method; simply wrap it with one another index card.

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