Nov 30, 2015

Writers tools: debunking the myths

Are you a writer?
Do you write novels, stories, blogs? Then you should definitely encounter a dilemma of choosing the right application to write.

There are so many manipulated stories, advertorials, paid reviews all over internet. So naturally a writer faces lots of confusion about choosing the right app for his writing process.
I'm not talking to avoid all writing applications completely. Just trying to debunk the myth regarding the various tools can be used for writers.
(I'm here to trying to save your money).

  1. Do you hate the Microsoft?
This is the most famous trend. Why hates Microsoft, Don't know? Then, you should know that the simplest note taking tools like notepad and WordPad are with Microsoft. They developed RTF. And, Microsoft Word is the one of the best standardized writing tool. It support, render almost every language. It can export as so many file formats including PDF. Some people complaint about the money and spent more money and buy some substandard products.
  1. Do you need to publish a book for web/ books etc.
Please find your priority. If that's writing, then the rest is not a big thing. The publishing tools required in your life for hand numbered times only. In that case, you can copy paste that texts into some online tools and you can export as the required formats for absolutely free.
  1. Need outliner, mind map, and other application in a single app?
Why? These are the rare time used options for a project. If you are using it regularly, then consider a dedicated software for it.
As I wrote several articles regarding the note taking tools, here I'm telling you that, never ever spend too many hours to find a right app! Just pick the notepad and write(pen/pencil/paper)immediately. Think later about organizing.

Actually developers are writing more articles about the writing software. Not writers.

So simply, If you are a writer, just write. Pick any simple application and save it on  Dropbox or similar cloud backup tools.

I'll briefly tell you the FREE tools:
For writing:
    Use Notepad or Notepad++(windows) for plaintext writing. Use WordPad for Rich text writing. (Options: OpenOffice writer, LibreOffice writer)
For notebook kind of option:
    Want an outliner/ notebook kind of software? for plain text, use ZimWiki. It's saves all files in an organized folder structured plain text files. For RTF, If you are thinking seriously about the open format, then saves independent files and save it all in Dropbox.
There are so many apps that have all the bells and whistles. But, think, that's all comes secondarily and not necessary.

Now, just write!

  • Scrivener?
    • It has a nice UI. But it's not support some language (Unicode) fully.
    • It's advantage is it's saves files as RTF, but not in an organized way
      • Use OneNote. It's free and it has so many options that competitors cannot. But don't forget to take backups. You can even export as pdf, rtf files from OneNote occasionally.
Saving webclips works better in OneNote than Scrivener
  • Evernote?
    • It has the file limit either free or paid version.
      • Use OneNote. It's free and it has so many options that competitors cannot. But don't forget to take backups. You can even export as pdf, rtf files from OneNote occasionally.
  • Keepnote?
    • It'll stuck if you have handful notes
  • Other thousand apps?
    • Any of them are saving data as RTF in an organized file structured way like ZimWiki? No? Then why use them? Yes? Tell me the name please.
    • Any of them handling save webclips better than OneNote?
  • I've money to spend.
    • Then go on.
    • You can also consider to donate a small amount to your favorite open source software.
I'm not the final word. I'm just telling my thoughts to focus on writing. 
Please share your thoughts as well.

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