Jul 27, 2014

Best Note taking applications

Oh no!
I've updated this article. Read it HERE.
Note taking, writing articles in your device. Solutions not meant for code writing, I mean just writing and taking notes on various devices.
Let us analyze the various FREE solutions over the web:

For just writing:
Tomboy: Just write
Writebox: Chrome app can sync with drive and dropbox
Wordpad: Rich text
Open office writer: Rich text
Notepad: Simply write. Redo and undo limitation
Notepad 2: Run from a folder in dropbox. Limitless redo and undo

For syncing cloud/ various devices:
Tingery: Nice web and mobile app. No desktop app
Quip: Nice design. No desktop app
Google keep: Has voice note, can add image and fast sync
Resoph notes: Simple texts. Can sync with simple note
Cintanotes: Free version has limitations
Simple note: No desktop app. Nice for mobile phones and web
red notebook: Good for desktop. Unnecessarily complicated
Laverna: Simple, can installed in dropbox folder. Similar to evernote
Evernote: Great app. Payed version have more space.
 Initially I used evernote. Then move around and checked various solutions. At last, I realized, Evernote is superior to all. It has Two way verification security, Sync with all platforms, Nice mobile UI, and it has virtually unlimited space!

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